Soraya Fallah: Woman, Life, Freedom

Soraya Fallah interviews on Woman, Life, Freedom Movement: 
On Iran International TV:
You can see the videos with short English Descriptions on: (1) Dr. Soraya Fallah - YouTube

Sweden Based WIRA TV about Iran protests 

WIRA 2023-01-21 - YouTube

on United Nations Association Program:


In Academic Area on Woman, Life, Freedom:

International Conference on Women's Revolution in Iran: Women, Life, Freedom. (

May 22, 2023: Conference: Being Woman: Diverse Voices of Women from Afghanistan and Iran (


Campaign Against Gender Apartheid: 


End Gender Apartheid

Translation and Call for action among Kurdish women:

For Kurdish Readers: بانگەوازی ژنانی کورد و کەمایەتییە نەتەوەییەکانی دیکە دەکەم کە هەنگاو بنێن و بەشداری کەمپینی "نا بۆ ئاپارتایدی جێندەری" (


 Soraya Fallah Awards: Pictures and  YouTube Videos can be found in this link

Dr. Soraya Fallah Awards and Achievements(partial)

 Soraya Fallah Receives Leadership and Human Rights Award - YouTube

Soraya Fallah received academic and personal honor award in CSUN Honors Convocation - YouTube

Soraya Fallah Received Global Citizen Award from United Nation Association - YouTube

Conferences Leadership and Special Projects : (

Soraya Fallah's Remark, International Conference on Kurdish Women for Peace and Equality - YouTube

Soraya Fallah Speaks in the United Nation Commission on Status of Women on Kurdish& Iranian Women - YouTube

Dr. Soraya Fallah, UNWomen Summit

Documentary/Docuseries and Featured on


- Dr. Soraya Fallah interviewed on UNWomen docuseries- one minute of the interview

CSUN Alumna’s Research Helps Students with Disabilities Worldwide | CSUN Today

Soraya Fallah Casually Talks about Kurdish Women issue-CalArt Project "I am a Story"

Dr. Soraya Fallah presents the Results of her research on MENASWA-Convention Center,MECA Conference - YouTube


Conference in Farsi

Soraya Fallah Speaks on Minority rights in Iran, A Global Celebration of Human Rights - YouTube

Soraya Fallah Speaks at Emory University on International Women's Day, Farsi- - YouTube


Conference in Kurdish

women conference United Kingdom:

Beauty pageant /

First Ms. Kurdistan in History -Soraya Fallah in Beauty Pageant in Hollywood | New Culture in Hollywood- فرهنگی نو در هالیود - کولتوری نوێ له هۆلیوود (

Soraya Fallah, First Kurdish Woman Judge in the Miss Middle East Beauty Pageant - Interview with VOA - YouTube


Interview English:

Soraya Fallah's Interview on KPFK, about Conference "World's Women for Life" - part 1, 2,3 - YouTube

Interview in Farsi

ثریا فلاح پژوهشگر امور بین الملل: مردم در اعتراضات قدرت خودشان را باور کردند - YouTube

Many other interviews in Farsi regarding current situation in Iran can be found:

Dr. Soraya Fallah

Interview in Kurdish

 Soraya Fallah Interview with KurdSat in Irbil, Kurdish, interview on the Status of Kurdish Women - YouTube

Speaker in the Rally

SorayaFallah Speech in a Rally in SanJose on Violation of Minority rights in Iran (Farsi speech)

سخنرانی خانم ثریا فلاح درسالگرد ٢٢بهمن ١٣٨٨در سن خوزه كاليفرنيا - YouTube


Art and culture:

Resistance Art for Human Rights, Educational way (


Organizational Work(partial)

Dr. Soraya Fallah - UNA-SoCal

College of Education Alumni Chapter Board

Soraya Fallah Some activities and pictures



Dr. Soraya Fallah presentation on Dual Immersion Education, A Model for Kurdish Children. Conference - YouTube


Soraya Fallah Speaks about Rights to life-No capital punishment. Language of the presentation: Farsi - YouTube

Link to Soraya Fallah publication on Amazon: Soraya Fallah

Link to some of Soraya Fallah scholarly work and Research

Soraya Fallah On Twitter

Dr. Soraya Fallah - YouTube

If you need more information such as my ORCID iD, my publishers, Googlescholar, Research Gate or… let me know.DR. SORAYA FALLAH

About Soraya:
Dr. Soraya Fallah is a  graduate scholar in the field of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. She also holds a Master’s degree in International Relations & Law and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. She is a published author for Learning Challenges for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Students with Disabilities (2020) is a reference source in the educational literature arena. College students in a credential program, PK-12 administrators, PK-14 teachers, disability organizations, school staff development trainers, educational consulting companies & initiatives, and activists for rights of education can use this book. She is familiar with the treatment of individuals with disabilities in education and issues around educating Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) students, both professionally and personally. As a scholar, Dr. Soraya conducted one of the first studies on immigrant families of children with disabilities from the Middle East and North Africa region. Fallah’s research “Giving Voice to an Invisible Population” was featured as a groundbreaking research on students with disabilities that can benefit students across the world and was chosen for the 31st Annual CSU Statewide Research Competition.

Dr. Fallah is a published author of books, journals, and other professional works, and she has served as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on behalf of literature reviews. Her articles in English, Farsi, and Kurdish are regularly published in several international publishing companies, media outlets, and magazines. Her books, chapter books, and journal articles appear in places such as lit-verlag ,IGI Global, The Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) Tehran, The Journal for Special Education Apprenticeship (JoSEA). National Conference on Academic Advising (NACADA), Junto Magazine, Education Resources Information Center(ERIC), The Journal of School Administration Research and Development (JSARD), CSUN TODAY

Additionally, Soraya is a regular commentator on radio broadcasts such as Voice of America (VOA), Voice of Kurdish American Radio (VOKRadio)KPFK 92.7, COOP 102.7 FM, VOKRadio, Radio Payam, Radio Neda, KIRN 670Am, and Radio Zamaneh, She also participated in TV shows such as Didar, NITV, Andisheh (poyesh) to broadcast about culture, human rights, and women’s right. She was a speaker and a presenter in national and international conferences as part of many educational projects and campaigns in advance of human rights and rights of education for all.

Dr. Fallah is the recipient of several awards for her projects and writings, such as:

“Women in diplomacy” recognition, 2018;CSUN Excellence in Academic and Personal Achievement Award, Honor Convocation, 2017;Honor Society Pi Lambda Theta, April 2015; IWD award for serving vulnerable community , March2015; the United Nation Association of USA’s Global Citizen Award ,Los Angeles, September 27th 2012; the Iranian Women Study Foundation (IWSF) Critical Feminist ward” 2012; “Leadership and Human Rights award “in The 4th Annual Sheriff's Show, Honoring Men & Women in Uniform, Community & Business Leaders, April 2012; Recognition and Appreciation Award for outstanding efforts, dedication and leadership to Kurdish Society from Canadian Kurdish Association of Calgary, Kurdistan Alberta Cultural Immigration Society, and Canadian Kurdish Community for Human Rights, 2010; United Nation Association of USA appreciation award for excellent speaker, 2008; Global Women's Rights award, The Feminist Majority Foundation honored the One Million Signatures Campaign, change for equality, 2009; Los Angeles Unified School District, Certificate of Achievement “the everybody Heroes in Education”, 2004.

Fallah has spoken internationally, in person and virtually regarding human rights issues in Sweden, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Canada, England, and many cities in the U.S.

Soraya has been working as a social worker and supervisor in numerous community-based services for more than17 years. She has helped many immigrants from culturally and linguistically diverse communities and has served hundreds of individuals throughout this world. Her own lived experiences as a former refugee have given her insight into the challenges faced by historically disadvantaged communities and moved her to better serve marginalized people. She strives to be an agent of change. In her work capacity, one of her primary duties has been to educate immigrants and help them navigate the various challenges they face as they try to integrate into an entirely new country. Soraya serves elderly immigrants by providing them with mental health and community resources. She provides these services with respect and compassion and prioritizes the dignity and worth of every individual. Dr. Soraya is a culturally humble provider with deep sensitivity to linguistic and cultural differences.

Dr. Fallah worked with CSUN’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and is currently an associate at 2Teach,LLC, an educational consulting company dedicated to providing practical, innovative, and research-based strategies to improve instruction in today's inclusive classrooms and organizations under the leadership of Dr. Wendy Murawski.

Soraya combines activism with academia to give voice to the underprivileged population; she is a lifelong woman and human rights advocate and activist. She is one of the founding members of the UNWomen-USNC Greater LA Chapter, and she is currently serving as ambassador. She has gained the knowledge and drives for leadership through her life experiences, lifelong dedication to advocacy, and education. She has been a community leader and has helped pave the way for other women to follow their passions. She often focuses on gender empowerment and building on community strengths and resiliency. She is the current Advocacy Chair & co-president of the UNASUA-SFV Chapter. She is vice president of the Kurdish Community of Southern California (KCSC) and helps organize community gatherings, mobilizes for urgent human rights actions, and plans culturally enriching events.

Dr. Fallah believes in giving back to society and educational institutes, as such she is a proud board member of CSUN Eisner College of Education Alumni Chapter.

For additional information, please see her webpage:

Inquiry for interview please email:


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