The Kurdish Community of Southern California presented an appreciation award to its immediate past vice president, Dr. Soraya Fallah, in recognition of her 17 years of dedicated service to the community.

At the New Year's evening community gathering hosted by the Kurdish Community of Southern California (KCSC), Dr. Soraya Fallah was honored with an Appreciation Award for her remarkable 17 years of service to the community. Jan 1st 2024 Voice of Kurdish-American(VOK) Soraya Fallah, a Kurdish women and human rights researcher , activist, and community mobilizer, served as the immediate past vice president and a founding member of the Kurdish Community of Southern California (KCSC). From its inception in 2006 until January 2023, Soraya dedicated her time and expertise to the organization, devoting time to media and public relations throughout her tenure. Collaborating with her colleagues on the KCSC board of directors, she o rganized community gatherings,   mobilized for urgent human rights actions , coordinated culturally enriching events such as Newroz celebrations and festivals, and hosted Kurdish artists and singers.  Soraya consistently honored and acknowledged the efforts

Soraya Fallah: My leadershop style and commitment to myself

As the new year begins, and people often make resolutions, I've been reflecting on my leadership style. When asked about it, I prioritize people, specifically aiming to promote inclusivity and empowerment to inspire and motivate others. I focus on building relationships, including those that support gender equality, and set clear goals for our collective efforts. Instead of centering on myself, I empower my team through coaching and fostering growth, actively collaborating to solve problems for shared success. I consistently express my belief in innovation, dedicating myself to promoting it as a driving force and fostering an environment where everyone can contribute, regardless of background or identity. As an agent of change committed to inclusivity, I adapt readily to new challenges, grounding my actions in a visionary approach and cultivating a team-oriented culture that values diversity and inclusion, guided by principles of integrity. In defining my leadership style, I acknow

UNA SFV chapter Program Human Rights with Home for Refugee organization


Soraya Fallah and Team of Advocates Recognition from Wellness Program @LAUSD Department of Health and Human services

Certificate of appreciation provided for supporting families and prompting wellness in school and community by facilitating the Walk to Wellness Workshop in 2023-2024: In December 2023, Soraya Fallah's outstanding contributions to the Wellness Program at the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Department of Health and Human Services were further highlighted. Alongside many of her dedicated coworkers, Soraya played a pivotal role in organizing and conducting the Walk to Wellness Workshop series for parents and the community. This collaborative effort showcased Soraya's leadership skills and her ability to mobilize a team to address the holistic well-being of the LAUSD community. The recognition received is not only a reflection of Soraya's individual accomplishments but also acknowledges the collective impact of the team that worked tirelessly to promote health and wellness through innovative initiatives. As the year concludes, Soraya and her coworkers stand as exemp

Empowering Families and Communities: A Fulfilling Three-Month Workshop Journey!

Empowering Families and Communities: A Fulfilling Three-Month Workshop Journey!   Dr. Soraya Fallah "Walk to Wellness" aims to foster physical fitness, mental health, community cohesion, and education, promoting healthy living, disease prevention, family bonding, environmental awareness, and empowerment within a community through regular walking and wellness activities. Parents, particularly women empowerment was the main component of this series. They are equipping participants with the knowledge, skills, and support to take control of their health and make positive lifestyle changes. To accomplish this, I developed distinct themes tailored to align with the identity of my school. These themes encompassed aspects like physical and mental health, diabetes, cardiovascular health, building self-esteem, and strategies for staying motivated. In each session, I introduced a nutritious recipe to underscore the significance of our dietary choices and promote healthy eating. This was

Hello LinkedIn community!

Hello LinkedIn community! Excited to share a glimpse of my professional journey with you. Two decades of advocacy and empowerment have allowed me to create an influential voice, leading transformative initiatives and reforming organizations to better serve marginalized and underserved communities globally. My journey in advocacy, non-profit management, research, and diverse leadership roles reflects my commitment to fostering positive change and addressing the unique needs of underrepresented voices worldwide My own lived experiences as a former refugee have provided invaluable insights into the challenges faced by historically disadvantaged communities, propelling me to better serve marginalized people. In my work capacity, as a social worker and supervisor in numerous community-based services, my commitment to being an agent of change has been a driving force. My primary focus has been educating immigrants and assisting them in navigating the various challenges they encounter a

Recognition from Center for Teaching and Learning @CSUN

A wonderful message from Dr. Murawski, the Executive Director & Eisner Endowed Chair,  Center for Teaching & Learning:  Thank you so much for your engaging presentation at the What Really Works conference at California State University, Northridge on September 30, 2023.  Our conference was a true success and it is because of the expertise of presenters such as yourself. Being able to share high-leverage practices with teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals, and others will help our schools become more inclusive and will help to bridge the research to practice gap.