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Soraya Fallah & United Nations Association

  Soraya Fallah & UNited Nations Association Meet Dr. Soraya Fallah: A tireless advocate for women's and human rights, and a dedicated researcher. With a lifelong commitment to these causes, Dr. Fallah has made significant contributions as a co-president of the UNASUA-SFV chapter and currently serves as the advocacy chair for the UNAUSA chapter. Read More:  Organizational Work and Volunteer ship; Soraya Fallah & United Nations Association



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  Dr. Soraya Fallah - YouTube Welcome to my YouTube channel, where you'll find a diverse range of content focusing on critical issues such as Women's Rights, Education, and Human Rights. My channel features insightful interviews conducted with prominent figures from Iran International TV, Voice of America (VOA), and more. Whether you're seeking to stay informed on global affairs or engage in meaningful discussions, my channel offers a platform for dialogue and understanding. If you're interested in collaborating or have inquiries regarding my participation in your show, feel free to reach out. Together, let's amplify voices and advocate for positive change. Soraya Fallah YouTube Channel for interviews Some of my videos can be found here: VOKRadio - YouTube World's Women, Life, Freedom - YouTube

An Educational Event for Women History Month:"Empowering Women: Celebrating Our Legacy, Inspiring Our Future."

Short Report: on Women's History Month Event: "Empowering Women: Celebrating Our Legacy, Inspiring Our Future" Report and Video Prepared By: Dr. Soraya Fallah Event Facilitator, UNA-USA San Fernando Valley Chapter Date: March 26, 2024 Organizers: United Nations Association of San Fernando Valley (UNA-USA) in partnership with the National Women's History Alliance (NWHA) Event Title: Empowering Women: Celebrating Our Legacy, Inspiring Our Future Location: Virtual Seminar (via Zoom) The virtual seminar titled "Empowering Women: Celebrating Our Legacy, Inspiring Our Future," held on March 26, 2024, marked a significant celebration of Women's History Month. Organized by the United Nations Association of San Fernando Valley (UNA-USA) in collaboration with the National Women's History Alliance (NWHA), the event aimed to honor women's remarkable achievements and enduring legacy throughout history. Dr. Jill Kracov Zinckgraf, the Interim Ex

Dr. Soraya Fallah interview on Iran International TV about: widespread reactions of the people against violation of women's privacy

  مصاحبه کوتاه اخیر من در رابطه با و اکنشهای گسترده مردم به عکس و فیلم گرفتن فردی  معمم از یک "زن و نوزادی که در آغوش دارد" در درمانگاهی در قم، و بازتاب ان در شبکه‌های اجتماعی است.همچنین دلایل برخورد و خشم   کاربران که با ارسال پیامهای صوتی، تصویری، و به راه انداختن کارزار، خشم و مخالفت خود را نسبت به این ماجرا، ابراز می کنند . در این مصاحبه من به دلایل اهمیت توجه به رابطه میان نقش تداخل قدرت ومذهب و تضییق حقوق زنان اشاره کردم. همچنین موج شدید دیدگاه‌های مختلف و حجم وسیغ اعتراضات و نگرش‌های مختلف را نشانه پویایی و تنوع فکری در فضای واقعی و مجازی میدانم آنچه که جمهوری اسلامی بر نمی تابد و بیش از پیش در برابر آن ایستادگی می کند. نگرانی حکومت از اعتراض‌های مردمی ( My recent interview regarding the widespread reactions of the people to the photograph and video taken of a cleric holding a "woman and a baby" in a hospital in Qom, and its reflection on social media. Also, I discussed the reasons behind the reactions and anger of users who express their discont

Celebrating Women Authors in Children's Literature During Read Across America Week

This past week marked "READ ACROSS AMERICA WEEK." To kick off our discussions, I started our team meeting with an icebreaker question: Who played a pivotal role in nurturing your love for reading, and how did their support shape your journey? Who encouraged you to dive into the world of books? I encouraged everyone to reflect on their school days. For me, a combination of influences ignited my passion for literature. Growing up in a time when there were only a few TV stations or newly arrived satellite channels and just one library in my hometown, my father recognized the importance of fostering a love for reading at home. He transformed our space into a sanctuary of stories, creating a personal library that opened worlds beyond our imagination. But it wasn't just my father who fueled my literary journey. Immersing myself in activism with a structured reading of literature, history, and philosophy shaped my life. My older sister and my aunt were voracious readers and intr