Soraya Fallah Some activities and pictures

Demonstration for Human Rights Speaker 

TV interview 

Community Work holding an event for Community

Featured in Roeters
Featured by Simon Almen," Thank you my eyes"

Conference Multuicultural 


Interviewed in Kurdistan 

Women in Diplomacy event 

Brief Biography of Dr. Soraya Fallah,
Dr. Soraya Fallah is a doctorate graduate and scholar from California State University Northridge (CSUN). She studied Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. She also holds a Master’s degree in International Relations & Law
 She is a published author for Learning Challenges for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Students with Disabilities (2020) is a reference source in the educational literature arena. College students in a credential program, PK-12 administrators, PK-14 teachers, disability organizations, school staff development trainers, educational consulting companies & initiatives, and activists for rights of education can use this book. 
Soraya is a lifelong women and human rights advocate and activist. She is one of the founding members of UNWomen-USNC Greater LA Chapter and she is currently serving as ambassador. She has gained the knowledge and drive for leadership through her life experiences, lifelong dedication to advocacy, and education. She has been a community leader and has helped paved the way for other women to follow their passions. She often focuses on gender empowerment and building on community strengths and resiliency. She is the former co-president of UNASUA-SFV Chapter and current Advocacy Chair. She is a cofounder of  Kurdish Community of Southern California (KCSC) and helps organize community gatherings, mobilizes for urgent human rights actions, and plans culturally enriching events.  
Dr. Soraya has been working as a social worker and supervisor in numerous community-based services for more than15 years. She has helped many immigrants from culturally and linguistically diverse communities and has served hundreds of individuals through this world. Her own lived experiences as a former refugee has given her insight into the challenges faced by historically disadvantaged communities and moves her to better serve marginalized people. She strives to be an agent of change. In her work capacity, one of her primary duties has been to educate immigrants and help them navigate the various challenges they face as they try to integrate into an entirely new country. Soraya serves elderly immigrates by providing them with mental health and community resources. She provides these services with respect and compassion and prioritizes the dignity and worth of every individual. Dr Soraya is a culturally humble provider with deep sensitivity to linguistic and cultural differences.
As a scholar, Dr. Soraya conducted one of the first studies on immigrant families of children with disabilities from the Middle East North Africa, and Southeast Asian region. Fallah’s research  “Giving Voice to an Invisible Population was featured as a ground breaking research on students with disabilities that can benefit students across the world and was chosen for the 31st Annual CSU Statewide Research Competition. Dr. Fallah worked with CSUN’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and is currently an associate at 2Teach,LLC, a CTL’s initiative.
Additionally, Dr. Soraya is an award-winning published author and has spoken at numbers of national and international events.

Following are some pictures of Soraya. 


Conference in University of Kurdistan in Northern Iraq on Women's Right in the Middle East 
Conference in Washington DC on Women's Human Rights 

University of California Art, Motherhood and revolution conference 

Women's Voice Radio station on Kurdish women

SanJose Ca on human rights and minority during Green Movement in Iran 

Global Citizen Award 

University of Sand Diego documentary on Iranian women's  Voice for Department of  language


Iranian TV program on Human Rights in Iran

Speech for Award ceremony, Global citizen award, UNA
CSUN for education 

Iranian TV, Pouyesh against Execution 


First Middle Eastern Conference in   Diarbekr, Turkey


Los Angeles Talks on Elderly Right 

UNWomen Award

Conference on " Abolishment of Chemicals weapons"

Campaign for Free Nasrin Setoodeh Iranian woman lawyer

Conference and special meetings with Parliamentarian Turkey on Middle Eastern Women's Right 




Community Work: Irvine Global Village -Cultural event
First white color in the front 
Along with Kurdish Community 

Voice of America on U.S election 


First person in the front sitting (in creamy color)

Interview by Rahim Rashidi, White House Correspondent for Kurdish Issue, during a demonstration 

My article contribution to the Kurdish Review 
On IRI Terrorisms 

Sweden Conference Workshop and Launching 16 days campaign against violence 


 Center for Teaching and Learning Conference, CSUN

UCLA, Conference on Political Prisoners in Iran

UNWomen Summit Speaker 

Campaign against compulsory hijab 

Los Angles, Amnesty International Tabling and conference , Free Iranian woman activist, Esha Momeni 

CNN, Los Angles, Free Woman Political Prisoner campaign Zainab Jalalian 


More extensive bio:

Dr. Fallah is a full time social worker, who combines activism with academia to give voice to underprivileged children and their families. She is a lifelong women and human rights advocate and researcher. From a young age she has been tirelessly dedicating her time, energy, and resources to lead and mobilize campaigns for the advancement of human rights around the globe. Her work has often endangered her life, but she has continued on with more urgency and resilience.
Soraya’s list of activism and accomplishments are seemingly endless. Some of the highlights are having organized and chaired the first international conference for women in post-Saddam Iraq. She also represented the first Iranian and Iraqi Kurdish women’s caucus in the United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women in 2008.
Her articles in English, Farsi, and Kurdish are regularly published in several international media outlets and magazines. She is a regular commentator on radio broadcasts such as Voice of America, KPFK 92.7, COOP 102.7 FM, VOKRadio,Radio Payam,Radio Neda,KIRN 670Am,and Radio Zamaneh. She also participated in  TV shows such as Didar, NITV,Andisheh(poyesh) to broadcast about culture, human rights and women’s right.
Soraya serves the Los Angeles community by helping elderly immigrates by providing them with mental health and community resources. She provides this very volatile population with the respect and compassion they deserve. She is patiently and passionately works to get their needs met. Her fluency in three languages, Kurdish ,English, and Farsi oral and written, and familiarity with several other languages including Danish and Russian, Arabic and Azari helped her to better serve the community for translation and social consultation.
Soraya worked along with KNC-NA,KAES,KHRW for different projects and was part of mobilization of Kurdish women in Iran to contact Ahmas Shahid UN Special Rapporteur on Iran and along with a group sending a booklet on Kurdish women in Iran.
 She is a loving wife and mother of two children who are in college and always support her causes.
Soraya has co-founded several non-governmental organizations and holds an advisory and board positions in several other NGOs that are raising public awareness on the abuses of human rights and women’s rights in Iran such as Women Lead Life as a president, Society for Human Rights in Iran-SC as a secretary, Supporters of Mourning Mothers(Mothers of Laleh),and One Million Signature  Campaign for gender equality in Iran, she was presenting campaign in the UN Commission on Status of Women for first time on 2007 to catch attention of women around the world to the brutal law in Iran against women . She is currently the acting president of Kurdish Community of Southern California aiming to connect Kurds in US to keep their  cultural and identity and language .Soraya also works with leaders of “Azarmehr Org” a non profit organization that works for advancement and empowerment of Kurdish women,Kurdish women tribune and “Jnani Rojhelat”. She works extensively with Amnesty International, The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), UNAUSA as  the Vice president programming of San Fernando Valley UNA-USA ,  and other advocacy groups. Soraya is VP of US Committee For UNWomen Greater LA chapter, newly established organization with mission of Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women.
She has often been a leader in the community and has helped pave the way for other women to follow their passions. In 2011 she broke cumbersome traditions by becoming the first MS. Kurdistan during the Miss Exoti-Lady Pageants.
Soraya participated in many project as a Subject Matter Expert to research on Iran, editing books and creating educational website. Her last project was with Nazanin Afshinjam former Canadian beauty pageant and human rights activist,the book is to raise awareness about human rights abuse in Iran and against child execution.
 Soraya also helped in a project called” Education under Fire” where the Angels of Iran’s team produced a short film on her story and was released on March 2012
In her personal life she is a creative person. Her creativity manifests in her songwriting. She sings traditional as well as modern music. She hopes that her songs can help raise awareness about the atrocities facing the people she is fighting for. She also translates songs, recording people singing resistance songs , participated in unknown singer for film, and anti genocide project. Her songs were produced with a young American-Filipino musician Omeed Rafizadeh.
She dedicated most of her songs to Amnesty to be used as inspiration to young people to pursue human rights.
Soraya is recipient of  some awards from different organizations. Recently (on April 2012 )she received “ Leadership and Human Rights award “ in The 4th Annual Sheriff's Show, Honoring Men & Women in Uniform, Community & Business Leaders.She is recipient of the IWSF 2012 “Hammed Shahidian Critical Feminist Award” for her analysis of Kurdish Women’s Situation in Iran. 


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