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If you are interested to hear about my research, here it is, 18 min on immigrant family with disability. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> listen to 90.7 KPFK on my research study "Giving voice to an Invisible population...".
Thanks to #KPFK to cover #disability#MENASWA#Middleeast#Northafrica,#SWANA.

book “ Social Justice and Parent Partnerships in Multicultural Education Contexts”

We are pleased to announce that book “ Social Justice and Parent Partnerships in Multicultural Education Contexts” has gone to production in order to begin the final typesetting procedure. By : Katheriene E.L. and Shartrya Collier I was honored to co-write a chapter with Dr. Wendy Murawski Our chapter: Special Education and CLD Families: Challenges and Strategies for Establishing Strong Partnerships Publisher : #(IGI) International Publisher of Information Science and Technology Research. Please help us to promote this amazing book. IGI wrote: “Our goal is to promote this scholarly publication around the world to the best of our ability and to inform researchers of the availability of this publication and its exceptional content. We kindly request your assistance in helping us achieve this goal by following the promotional strategies below. RECOMMEND the book to your library and colleagues. Acquisition librarians rely on the expertise of their faculty members for recommendations of scholarly…

Finally it is online -MENASWA on ScholarWorks

Giving a Voice to an invisible population: the experiences of families of students with disabilities from the Middle East, North Africa, and Southwest Asia (MENASWA) in the United States Special Education SystemFallah, Soraya
URI: Date: 2017-09-19 Abstract:Students with disabilities from Middle Eastern, North African, and Southwest Asian (MENASWA) are often not recorded in the United States Special Education system due to their racial classification as White. This study describes the experiences of families of MENASWA descent and their children who have been identified into the U.S. Special Education system and explains correlations with specific demographic data, such as gender, socioeconomic status, age, religion, and so forth. The intent of the research is to determine if specific demographics impact the experiences and perceptions of these families, as well as to identify which strategies for ser…


خانم هما سرشار در برنامه صبحانه با هما سرشار که روزهای شنبه در رادیو 670 پخش می شود از خانمها مهرانگیز کار عترت الهی ، دکتر صدرالدین الهی ، دکتر ثریا فلاح و خانم مینو ریاحی دعوت به عمل آوردند.
برای شنیدن بخش مربوط به تحقیق دکتر ثریا فلاح می توانید از دقیقه 60 گوش کنید.

ثریا فلاح، دکترای خودرا در مطالعات راهبری ومدیریت سیاستهای آموزشی از دانشگاه ایالتی کالیفرنیا ر و مدرک کارشناسی ارشد در رشته حقوق بین الملل گرفته است. او با نیازهای ویژه در آموزش و پرورش و مسائل مربوط به آموزش  متنوع و فرهنگی به صورت حرفه ای و شخصی آشنا است. او جوایز متعددی را برای پروژه ها و نوشته هایش دریافت کره است. تحقیقات فلاح "صدای مردم نادیده و نامرئی" بررسیتجربه خانواده های مهاجر  خاورمیانه، آفریقای شمالی و جنوب غربی آسیا به عنوان یک پژوهش پیشگامانه در مورد دانش آموزانی است که دارای معلولیت هستند. دانش آموزان در سراسر جهان از این تحقیق  بهره مند می شوند و برای سی و یکمین مسابقات پژوهشهای سراسری انتخاب شد.دکتر فلاح درحال حاضربا مرکز آمو…


"A big issue becomes a great story"

CSUN Alumna’s Research Helps Students with Disabilities Worldwideby Jacob Bennett onAugust 31, 2017inAlumniCommunityCSU NewsCSUN ProfilesEducationResearch and Sponsored ProjectsstudentsComments Off on CSUN Alumna’s Research Helps Students with Disabilities Worldwide
Recent CSUN grad Soraya Fallah conducted groundbreaking research on students with disabilities that should benefit students across the world. Photo by Lee Choo.

"Giving voice to an invisible population " in the MECA conference

Thanks to CTL's Administrative Analyst ,Dr. Scott, Kathy Lynn for helping to create this professional brochure for MECA conference

In the MECA conference my research under the name ” Giving a voice to an invisible population” was placed in “ Special guest speaker” on Sunday 8/20/2017. The conference
The audience were educators, administrators, Professional development seekers, researchers and university professors and lecturers.
I took a brochure made by CTL (Center for Teaching and Learning),CSUN and my card, a table designated to our school because of my participation in which I took all the brochures and advertisement from CSUN’s Michael D. Eisner college of Education with me. My poster was displayed at all time during the conference.

The reactions ranged from praising me for the range of the research to the tips for the educators. Some took note, some asked for more info and some wanted to be in contact. 


MECA, the Multicultural Education Conference in Anaheim, was a…