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Dr.Soraya Fallah to present in an Internatinal conference, Quantum

Meet the presenters  Establishing Partnerships between School and CLD Families of Students with Disabilities; Challenges and Strategies Presented by Soraya Fallah This presentation is about creating partnerships between school, community, and culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) families of students with disabilities from the Middle Eastern /North African/ Southwest Asian (MENASWA) population. Students with disabilities from CLD families of MENASWA descent are often not recorded in the United States Special Education system due to their racial classification as White. This presentation, paying particular attention to those families whose voices are often unheard and describes the experiences of these families and their children who have been identified into the U.S. Special Education system. The main needs of these students, barriers to partnering with the population of the study, and some concrete strategies for improving partnerships will be analyzed. Click below to view our a

Books by faculty and alumni appears in CSU | Volume 6 | Winter 2021

  Books (   | Volume 6 | Winter 2021 Books by faculty and alumni include college textbooks about teaching special needs students, science and LGBTQ. Other works look at bookishness, Amazon and avian art. Northridge Learning Challenges for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Students With Disabilities  By Soraya Fallah,   research assistant, Center for Teaching and Learning; Bronte Reynolds, professor of educational leadership and policy studies; and Wendy Murawski, executive director and Eisner Endowed Chair of the Center for Teaching and Learning; all at CSUN Published January 2020 This reference publication identifies ways in which CLD families can help schools build educators’ cultural competence. It explores the idea of disabilities as a social model with a focus on strengths rather than a medical model focused on needs and weaknesses.