Dr.Soraya Fallah to present in an Internatinal conference, Quantum

Meet the presenters 

Establishing Partnerships between School and CLD Families of Students with Disabilities; Challenges and Strategies

Presented by Soraya Fallah

This presentation is about creating partnerships between school, community, and culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) families of students with disabilities from the Middle Eastern /North African/ Southwest Asian (MENASWA) population.
Students with disabilities from CLD families of MENASWA descent are often not recorded in the United States Special Education system due to their racial classification as White. This presentation, paying particular attention to those families whose voices are often unheard and describes the experiences of these families and their children who have been identified into the U.S. Special Education system. The main needs of these students, barriers to partnering with the population of the study, and some concrete strategies for improving partnerships will be analyzed.

Click below to view our amazing lineup for the Q10 Beyond Talk: Sustaining Equity in Education Conference taking place from December 7-9, 2021!

Dr. Talisa Sullivan, Jennifer Borrelli, Sandy Shacklady-White, and Christine Gaynor-Patterson

Starting the Talk: Why is Q10 important for ensuring the success of our scholars?

Presented by Dr. Talisa Sullivan, Jennifer Borrelli, Sandy Shacklady-White, and Christine Gaynor-Patterson

Beyond Talk Part One: Join TLC Consultants as they Start the Talk about Q10. Come with us on this journey and explore the theories, practices, and frameworks that connect the Q10 elements. Explore the importance of the Q10 for student success.

Beyond Talk Part Two: What does the intentional integration of the Quantum Ten look like in schools and districts? Join TLC Consultants as they go Beyond Talk about Equity and the Q10. We will continue on the journey and engage participants in the intentional integration of the Q10 elements. Engage with us on this journey to intentionally integrating evidence-based best practices in supporting our diverse learners.


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