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Presentation Title: Dual Immersion Education a Bridge between Heritage Language &Culture with Academics; A Model for Kurdish Children

I virtually - presented at World Kurdish Congress(WKC) on Friday 23rd around 09:40 Am. My topic is: "Dual immersion education a bridge between heritage language & culture with academics; A model for Kurdish children".
This topic is very close to my heart
I cover the following , based on my research:
 Introductions: Why I chose this topic ?
 Presentation Objectives
 Definition: Dual –Immersion Education?
 Research Problem, why dual-immersion?
 The purpose of this study
 Research Questions (RQs)
 Literature Review
 Research design and plan
 Findings
 Implication and Recommendation for Kurdish people, researchers, investors &entrepreneurs, and parents
 Feedback opportunity , interested audience ticket out the door:
"Everyone identify one thing you can do to better serve this population, one strategy, or one feedback and email it to me..