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MENASWA in The 31st Annul Statewide Student Research Competition

MENASWA research study by Soraya Fallah from CSUN will be participating in The Annul Student Research Competition.
Student Research Competition The California State University Student Research Competition, initiated in 1985, features research achievements of undergraduate students, graduate students, and recent alumni from all academic disciplines. Approximately 200 students from the 23 CSU campuses submit written papers and make oral presentations before juries of professional experts from major corporations, foundations, public agencies, and universities in California. Cash prizes are awarded.

MENASWA research on the CUTTING EDGE. The Spanish translation is in the end

MENASWA research on the CUTTING EDGE
The first APA Soraya, F. (2017). Experiences of MENASWA families of students with disabilities. CTL on the CuttingEdge. Retrieved from


Translation by: Ricardo Gustavo Espeja
CTL Acercando Límites

Experiencias en el MENASWA (Cercano Oriente, Africa del Norte y Asia sudoriental) respecto a los estudiantes con capaci
dades diferentes
Por Soraya Fallah M.A.*
Marzo 2017
La tasa de graduación de los estudiantes matriculados principalmente en los servicios de educación especial es tan baja que no conforma ni a los
mismos estudiantes . Estos con discapacidades diversas provienen de diferentes bases cultu…

MENASWA research in 21st CSUNPosium

MENASWA research featured in Annual Student Research and Creative Works Symposium in CSUN!

        Every year for about 21 years CSUN is hosting Student Research and Creative Works Symposium” is a student conference featuring oral and poster presentations. This symposium is open for all disciplines. This year on Friday, April 7, 2017a research onMiddle East, North Africa, and Southwest Asia (MENASWA) which is about families who have experienced the US special education system was featured. Soraya Fallah the principal investigator for this research attended in the poster presentation. The visitors and judges found the research topic very new and original. The research was chosen for State Wide competition which will be held in the end of the April in northern California.