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International Conference on Women's Revolution in Iran: Women, Life, Freedom.

This conference was an  international hybrid conference on the revolution of women in Iran   Jun 20,2023 Soraya Fallah title of speech:   Struggles of Hyphenated Identity in the  "Woman, Life, Freedom/Jin/Jiyan, Azadi " Movement Focus on Kurdish Women in Iran In my research presentation on the struggles of hyphenated identity in the "Women, Life, Freedom" Revolution, focusing on Kurdish women in Iran, I shed light on the multifaceted experiences of Kurdish women navigating oppressive norms and structures. Drawing upon theoretical frameworks such as feminist theory Margin-Center Theory, and intersectionality. I explore the complexities of Kurdish women's lives within the broader context of the women's movement in Iran. Through examining historical injustices, political developments, cultural factors, and the impact of patriarchal structures, I uncover the challenges Kurdish women face in their activism and pursuit of rights. Moreover, I highlight their agen