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Dr. Soraya Fallah Speaks immigrants from culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Belonging & Displacement Summit

How might we be #BuildingBelonging for many immigrants from culturally and linguistically diverse communities? How might we help them navigate the various challenges they face as they try to integrate into an entirely new country, while providing services with respect and compassion? Let's join our panelist for the Assembly, Dr. Soraya Fallah! Dr. Soraya Fallah is a doctorate graduate and scholar from California State University Northridge (CSUN). She studied Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. She also holds a Master’s degree in International Relations & Law. She is a lifelong women and human rights advocate and activist. She is one of the founding members of UNWomen-USNC Greater LA Chapter and is currently serving as ambassador. She has gained the knowledge and drive for leadership through her life experiences, lifelong dedication to advocacy, and education. She has been a community leader and has helped paved the way for other women to follow their passions. She o…