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Chapter book emphesized on MENASWA: Challenges and Strategies for Establishing Strong Partnerships: Special Education and CLD Families

As a contributing author to the following publication, I believe that this title would be an excellent addition to your institution's collection. Available in both print and electronic format, I highly recommend it for purchase to complement the library's collection and to strengthen our institution's academic research offerings. Also, due to my contribution to this publication, our library is entitled to an exclusive 25% Discount* (if purchased directly through the IGI Global Online Bookstore). Simply use the discount code LIB25 during checkout online or by phone. Social Justice and Parent Partnerships in Multicultural Education Contexts

Author(s)/Editor(s): Katherine E.L. Norris (West Chester University of Pennsylvania, USA), Shartriya Collier (California State University – Northridge, USA)
ISBN13: 9781522539438; ISBN10: 1522539433; EISBN13: 9781522539445; My(our chapter, Dr. Wendy Mur…