Moderating UNA-USA, event on Mental Health in Ukraine - Restoring Health as the First Step to Restoring Hope

 Report on Event: Mental Health in Ukraine - Restoring Health as the First Step to Restoring Hope

Date: Wednesday, June 12, 2024  

Time: 7:00 PM Pacific Time  

Hosted by: UNA-USA, SFV Chapter  

Prepared by: Dr. Soraya Fallah

On June 12, 2024, the UNA-USA San Fernando Valley (SFV) Chapter held a significant event titled "Mental Health in Ukraine: Restoring Health as the First Step to Restoring Hope." This event addressed the critical mental health crisis currently facing Ukraine. We were privileged to receive support from the Red Cross and several mental health professionals who attended the event. The session was recorded and will be made available to interested individuals and groups for further education and engagement.

The event was moderated by myself, Dr. Soraya Fallah, where I had the honor of introducing our esteemed speaker, Catie Clifford. Ms. Clifford, the Corporate Donor Engagement Coordinator for Medical Teams International, delivered an informative and well-structured presentation about her organization's involvement in addressing mental health issues in Ukraine.

Ms. Clifford's presentation was followed by a discussion where she addressed several pertinent questions. She shared how Medical Teams International has been actively engaged in Ukraine, implementing various initiatives such as emergency response programs, community-based mental health support, and training for local health professionals. This engagement has significantly contributed to addressing the mental health needs in the region.

Emphasizing the importance of corporate partnerships, Ms. Clifford provided examples of successful collaborations that have led to significant improvements in mental health services. These partnerships have included fundraising campaigns, employee volunteer programs, and joint awareness initiatives, showcasing the power of collaborative efforts in making a meaningful impact.

She also discussed the complexities of engaging communities in conflict zones, noting challenges such as resource limitations and political instability. However, she highlighted opportunities for meaningful impact through grassroots initiatives and international solidarity, underscoring the importance of mobilizing support from both local and international communities.

Offering practical advice on sustaining donor interest, Ms. Clifford emphasized the need for transparent communication, showcasing the impact of donations, and creating compelling narratives that connect donors to the cause. She encouraged other organizations to leverage their unique strengths to inspire and mobilize support, providing valuable insights for those looking to make a meaningful contribution to mental health support in Ukraine.

The strategies and experiences shared during this event hold potential for application in other war zone countries. By adapting these approaches, organizations can address mental health crises in various conflict-affected regions, offering hope and support to those in need.

The event was a resounding success, providing valuable insights into the mental health crisis in Ukraine and highlighting the crucial role of international support and collaboration. We extend our gratitude to Ms. Catie Clifford for her enlightening presentation and to all attendees for their active participation. The recording of the event will be distributed to further engage and educate those interested in supporting mental health initiatives in Ukraine. Together, we can restore health and hope for those affected by this crisis.


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