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4/15/2024 interview

مصاحبه کوتاه من در ایران اینترناشنال در رابطه بامقاومت مدنی علیه حجاب اجباری و موج جدید سرکوبها. من در این مصاحبه به اشکال جدید مبارزه  جمهوری اسلامی با زنان و مردانی که موافق حجاب اختیاری و دستور علی خامنه‌ای "فصل الخطاب""حکم نهایی" در  تحمیل حجاب احباری هستند پرداختم. و اثرات اهرم چالش‌های سیاسی جمهوری‌اسلامی در این سخت‌گیری‌های تازه در رابطه با حجاب اجباری و شکلی سرکوبگر انه آن را تحلیل کردم.و به اهمیت مبحث پوشش /حجاب و مبارزات مدنی به مثابه نقطه ثقل جنبش زنان و زن زندگی آزادی تاکید کردم.


In my recent interview with Iran International, I shed light on the ongoing civil resistance against the mandatory hijab and the heightened wave of repressions. During our conversation, I delved into the evolving tactics employed by the Islamic Republic in its struggle against individuals advocating for voluntary hijab. Specifically, I highlighted the significance of Ali Khamenei's directives, such as the "Final Decree," which aim to enforce compulsory hijab..


Moreover, I analyzed the ramifications of these measures, emphasizing their impact on the political landscape and the challenges they pose to dissenting voices within Iranian society. The discussion underscored the coercive nature of the regime's approach to enforcing hijab requirements and its implications for civil liberties.


Central to our discourse was the pivotal role of the hijab issue in the broader context of women's rights and the quest for freedom. I emphasized the critical importance of this topic in both the women's movement and the everyday lives of Iranian women, highlighting its significance as a focal point for civil resistance and advocacy for individual autonomy.


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