Soraya Fallah: My leadershop style and commitment to myself

As the new year begins, and people often make resolutions, I've been reflecting on my leadership style. When asked about it, I prioritize people, specifically aiming to promote inclusivity and empowerment to inspire and motivate others. I focus on building relationships, including those that support gender equality, and set clear goals for our collective efforts. Instead of centering on myself, I empower my team through coaching and fostering growth, actively collaborating to solve problems for shared success. I consistently express my belief in innovation, dedicating myself to promoting it as a driving force and fostering an environment where everyone can contribute, regardless of background or identity.

As an agent of change committed to inclusivity, I adapt readily to new challenges, grounding my actions in a visionary approach and cultivating a team-oriented culture that values diversity and inclusion, guided by principles of integrity.

In defining my leadership style, I acknowledge my proficiency in decision-making but also recognize a vulnerability when faced with conflicts and saying no. This vulnerability arises from a desire to avoid upsetting anyone, an area where improvement is needed. Understanding the crucial role of a leader in setting boundaries, prioritizing vision and goals, and promoting inclusivity and empowerment, I am committed to refining this aspect for more effective leadership.

I'm curious about how you handle obstacles in your leadership role! I'm eager to learn.



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