Hello LinkedIn community!

Hello LinkedIn community! Excited to share a glimpse of my professional journey with you.

Two decades of advocacy and empowerment have allowed me to create an influential voice, leading transformative initiatives and reforming organizations to better serve marginalized and underserved communities globally. My journey in advocacy, non-profit management, research, and diverse leadership roles reflects my commitment to fostering positive change and addressing the unique needs of underrepresented voices worldwide

My own lived experiences as a former refugee have provided invaluable insights into the challenges faced by historically disadvantaged communities, propelling me to better serve marginalized people.

In my work capacity, as a social worker and supervisor in numerous community-based services, my commitment to being an agent of change has been a driving force. My primary focus has been educating immigrants and assisting them in navigating the various challenges they encounter as they strive to integrate into an entirely new country. Serving immigrants with respect and compassion, I provide essential mental health and community resources, always prioritizing the dignity and worth of every individual.

Currently, as a staff member in the second-largest unified school district in the nation, I bring this wealth of experience to address the unique needs of Title I schools. Additionally, as an associate at 2Teach Global, I contribute to providing practical, innovative, and research-based strategies to improve instruction in today's inclusive classrooms and organizations. I've spoken internationally on human rights issues, shedding light on the challenges faced by historically disadvantaged communities.

As a lifelong woman and human rights advocate, I serve the United Nations Association local chapter as the Advocacy Chair & co-president. I've also a founding member and served as an ambassador for UNWomen-Greater LA Chapter and played a pivotal role in establishing the Kurdish Community of Southern California, emphasizing community building.

Passionate about giving back to society and educational institutes, I proudly serve as a board member of CSUN Eisner College of Education Alumni Chapter.

Join me in this journey of making a difference! Let's connect and explore opportunities for collaboration. Thank you for being part of this incredible network. Looking forward to meaningful connections and conversations! #Advocacy #Empowerment #HumanRights #Leadership #Collaboration #MakingADifference #AgentOfChange #WomenLeadership #Education



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