"What Really Works in Education Conference 2023."

Dr. Soraya Fallah speaks at "What Really Works in Education Conference 2023." @ CSUN

 I am truly honored to be one of the speakers for the "What Really Works in Education Conference 2023." As I review the list of presenters for the upcoming CSUN-CTL conference, I am humbled and find it intimidating to present alongside such esteemed practitioners:


Cristina Sacara-Gulløv, Ruby Edwards Owiny, Kyena Cornelius, Claire Hughes-Lynch, Jennifer Mullins Walker, Greg Knotts, Amy Hanreddy, Sami Gross Toews, Soraya Fallah, Lori Andrews, Belinda Karge, Tamarah Ashton, Marty Eisen, Mel Zernow, Emily Frake, Jeni Huber, Bryan Thornton and more!! 


Being an associate of 2Teach Educational Consultants and a LAUSD Healthy Start Program liaison, I have had the privilege to accumulate a wealth of experience. This experience, combined with research-based strategies, forms the basis of my aim to share valuable information and unique perspectives on engaging families and communities from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse populations (CLD).


I firmly believe that we have the potential to create a future where inclusion is not merely a goal, but a shared reality. Moreover, I am eagerly looking forward to learning from fellow conference participants, seeking to ignite positive change within our practices and communities.


During the session, I will delve into the power of collaboration in building truly inclusive schools, focusing on key aspects such as:


Fostering authentic connections with families and communities.

Breaking down barriers rooted in language, culture, and socioeconomic differences.

Embracing diversity, including disability, as a source of strength.

Moving beyond compliance to ignite genuine and effective collaboration.

I invite you to join us in making a difference in education! I encourage you to register for the conference now and become an integral part of this transformative experience. For more details, please visit the Conference Website.


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