Presentation on MENASWA Families with Students who Have Disabilities in CSUN-MA program

On Thursday, April 20,2023 
Presentation on  Middle Eastern /North African/ Southwest Asian (MENASWA) Families with Students who Have Disabilities in CSUN
Who are
Middle Eastern /North African/ Southwest Asian (MENASWA) Families with Students who Have Disabilities?
Why Should We Care &
How Are We Serving Them?



I have presented an important topic about one specific Culturally and Linguistically Diverse population that I coined in my years of research study, MENASWA.

“The Middle Eastern /North African/ Southwest Asian (MENASWA) families with students who have disabilities, why should we care &how are we serving them” was discussed. The presentation was for MA credentialing program, and my brilliant co-author Dr. Murawski was very generous in introducing me. I gave an introduction and background of the issues. I reminded the attendees that children of war-torn countries (Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and ...), tortured child protesters in Iran by security forces during Zhina/Mahsa Revolution, and other atrocities in the region need our professional intervention and attention if/when they enter our education system.

 I introduced some strategies and steps to gain awareness and take action. 

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