Dr. Soraya Fallah's speech on the Violation of Human Rights of Minorities in Iran

On Dec. 10, non-profit Laguna Beach based association Social Compassion hosted a rally in Laguna Beach in honor of the 75th International Human Rights Day with around 3,000 attendees. (Coast Report).

It  was one of the very well-organized rallies that I have seen.  Sudi Farokhnia women rights activist assisted Social Compassion in this event. I was honored to be one of the speakers and share the stage with many distinguished well known and caring  group of speakers. Here is the video of what I shared at the Rally.


Good morning  everyone!


Thank you


Why am I standing here why am I standing here today I am here today and sharing this stage with remarkable people who stand for human rights I am here with you all who share a common ground standing against brutality and oppression by the Islamic regime in Iran what better way to Mark human rights they than to stand together for


and woman life freedom


woman life freedom [Music] [Applause] I am not here to inform you of the news or tell you what's going on in Iran you all know the information and that's why you are here I'm here to amplify the voices of millions millions of people from ethnic and National minorities who forced systematic Erasure and restriction on social cultural linguistic religious and economic freedom not only for Kurdish people but many of ethno-linguistic identities that exist in Iran


[Laughter] Jews and atheists I also warned us to stand the woman of marginalized ethi group to send the women of marginalized ethnic groups our support as they are carrying the weight of this struggle with their bodies I'm also here to share my testimony as a survivor of that regime and to stand together with you for the human rights of all Iranian including ethnic and religious minorities much of my sense of self my passion and ambitious my preoccupation and Life Choices have been a direct result of my identity As A persecuted minority and a multiply marginalized woman some people may have the privilege of going through all their lives without thinking too deeply about what is means to be who they are my live experiences growing up in Iran has been the exact opposite of that being a woman discriminated against systematic persecution racism violence mockery and hateful morality police imprisonment even genocide Kurdish genocide torture were part of my story some of you and some of us might share these experiences


do we have any belluccis among us today yes we are all baluchis today [Applause] any Kurdish people here we are all Kurdish people today [Music] [Applause] tell me that we all are good and valued today do we have religious minorities Among Us yes we are all of them and have seen the most intense protest over the past three months nearly past three months became the photo point of the Iran protest where Jina masamini was born and raised my city that I raised the cities of mahabad bhukan and Jawan root witnessed the Bloodshed protest in the country and in the course of a few days 105 people were killed but this resilient nation has the will to change and hope for the future is the Catalyst of their Uprising and thousands of women like me and stronger than me are living there and keeping their revolutions flame alive about women of these category you all aware of the brutal operation of women in Iran we all share that together under the current terroristic theocratical system what some might not know is that there are women who were overlooked who were marginalized and whose voice have been silenced let us not fear their power we must fight for each other's life for Kurdish woman baluchi woman that are looking for equal participation that's why they not stop fighting they deserve the rights path to Freedom is steep right and if we don't get together there will be valleys that our enemy will fill it with our bodies with their bodies let's stand together for the human rights of all people in Iran including men and women regardless of their background who fight for women life Freedom woman life Freedom woman my freedom


[Applause] all Iranian we all want to abolish the Islamic government in Iran they want to end this era Gina's Revolution is not just about protesting compulsory hijab or asking for the abolishment of the morality police neither the murderer of Gina and nearly 500 people after her Murder By The morality police this revolution is about 44 years of systematic operation against all Iranian ethnic and religious minority it is about gender apartheid it's about life of our youth it's about freedom in which we deserve


since much of my life has been highlighted by intersectional politics and research on women in Conflict Zone I am a curing acutely aware of the barriers facing disadvantageable men in Iran I also know that the voices of marginalized women are lost in the discussion about them again I'm here to remind all of us our freedom is so tight to one another that we have no choice but unity and victory we have no choice but to learn tolerance learning competency learning to internalize equal freedom and get ready together to shape a new country let's Stand Together by amplifying their voices and strengthen the entire moment if genocide continues the atrocities of Massacre and mass execution of people will repeat just like in 88. if these revolutions succeed their whole world would benefit I'm asking you to stand for the rights of everyone Islamic government and authorities want to create enemies of us toward each other want to divide and stay in power


for human rights and justice for these profound movement for all of us please chant with me this slogan of the Revolution one more time


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