"Social Justice and Parent Partnerships in Multicultural Education Contexts" was selected for K-12 Online Learning E-Book Collection

Today Jun 18,2020

IGI, M. Manager reported that our  Publication, Social Justice and Parent Partnerships in Multicultural Education Contexts, Was Chosen to Be Featured in IGI Global's New K-12 Online Learning E-Book Collection. The book was carefully assessed and selected by IGI Global’s executive editorial board for inclusion in our new K-12 Online Learning E-Book Collection.

She indicated : "With many researchers discussing the challenges the K-12 education sector is facing in shifting to online education, this collection was created to provide those within K-12 educational settings (i.e. primary and secondary institutions, educational consultants, school administrators, course developers, and public libraries) with valuable professional development resources as they are facing the challenges of teaching developing minds, disadvantaged youths, and special needs students in online-only environments.

This collection was carefully curated to include 285+ titles from premier researchers, like yourself, and it covers timely topics, including fostering engagement in virtual classrooms; facilitating digital skills; establishing culturally responsive, accessible, and inclusive online environments; transitioning resources and teaching materials to digital formats; and more. It is currently available through IGI Global, as well as some of the most prestigious K-12 learning resource aggregators and providers, including Gale, one of the leading educational and technology companies for K-12 professionals and educators...." 


Social Justice and Parent Partnerships in Multicultural Education Contexts

Editors of this book; Katherine E.L. Norris , Shartriya Collier


Our chapter: Special Education and CLD Families: Challenges and Strategies for Establishing Strong Partnerships
authors: Dr. Soraya Fallah, Dr. Wendy Murawski



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